Board of Directors

Executive Director Halima Saad

Board of Directors:
Leila Korshell Chair
Jacqueline Kariuki Vice Chair
Mahdi Ahmed Secretary
Dr. Hassan Mahmoud Treasurer
Amina Ali Member
Lucki Hassan Member
Sadia Mahmoud Member
Astur Elmi Member
Deqo Nur Member

Latest News

grand-opening-jean-augustine-centre-for-young-women-s-empowerment   Madbak Women's Initiative Inc (MWII) was recently at the grand opening of the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women's Empowerment in Toronto....
canada-promises-3-5b-in-new-funding-for-global-maternal-health Tom Blackwell (National Post ) The $3.5-billion in new funding for child and maternal health promised by Prime Minister Stephen Harper Thursday will...
feds-pledge-250k-to-youth-led-anti-bullying-project2,400 students to be trained by Red Cross to deliver anti-bullying workshops   CBC News   The federal government will fund the training of...

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